Intake for 2018/19 C2C Funding

First Nations and local governments in B.C. are encouraged to apply for the fall intake of the 2018/19 Regional Community to Community (C2C) Forum program. Administered in partnership with the First Nations Summit, the program provides grants for meetings between elected officials and/or senior staff of neighbouring First Nations and local governments. 

C2C forums have often been used following local elections to introduce and build relationships between newly elected council, board and band council members. The application deadline is October 19, 2018, for events convened by March 31, 2019.

Since 1999 more than 600 C2C events have been held across the province. In just the past 10 years, 195 different First Nations and local governments have applied to the program, and forums have brought together a total of over 1,000 participating First Nations and local governments.

Other outcomes of the program include advancing reconciliation efforts, formalizing relationships through protocols, MOUs and service agreements, implementing joint-economic initiatives and other shared projects, and exchanging information on communities‘ respective governing processes. 

The coordination of emergency management efforts and issues related to land and water use has also featured prominently in recent years.

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