Infrastructure, Housing Highlight Minister’s Address

New investments in community infrastructure, a development approval process review to remove barriers to building the affordable housing that people need, new housing funding opportunities for local governments and First Nations, and the success of the Province’s Building BC: Rapid Response to Homeless Program were highlighted in Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Selina Robinson’s address to UBCM delegates today.

Minister Robinson announced the launch of funding programs for everything from new recreation centres to improved Internet service. The newly launched programs – the Community, Culture and Recreation fund, and the Rural and Northern Communities fund – are part of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, a partnership with the federal government.

Robinson also encouraged delegates to take advantage of new Building BC housing funds that will support the efforts of municipalities, regional districts and First Nations to bring more affordable housing across B.C.

Minister Robinson also recognized the 22 local governments who are partnering with the Province to build modular housing for people in need.

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