eTicketing Pilot Project Underway

The provincial government has begun pilot testing the new electronic ticketing (eTicketing) process. Consistent with information provided last month to UBCM’s Community Safety Committee, eTicketing will be piloted through five police agencies, starting with the Delta Police Department. Results of the pilot project will help Treasury Board make decisions regarding potential province-wide implementation.

The electronic ticketing process involves officers being issued new software for their mobile terminals that automatically calculates fines based on parameters entered (e.g. speed). Police officers may then physically issue tickets by printing them with mobile thermal printers that will be installed in their vehicles. This process will eliminate data entry errors and improve the speed of ticket processing. Individuals will now be able to pay their electronic tickets online, in addition to the current methods of payment.

Pilot projects are scheduled to take place with the following police agencies:

  • Delta Police Department;
  • Capital Regional District Integrated Road Safety Unit;
  • Prince George RCMP (municipal traffic services);
  • Prince George RCMP (provincial traffic services);
  • Vancouver Police Department.

The Province of British Columbia will assume all costs associated with the pilot project, and has assured UBCM that no local government will incur a negative fiscal impact in any fiscal year due to the eTicketing initiative.

The pilot project and subsequent evaluation, analysis and any necessary enhancements/changes are to be completed by end of year.

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