Changes Proposed for Major Projects Reviews

The federal government has announced its intention to streamline the review process for major natural resource projects. The proposed changes would see the replacement of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act with the Impact Assessment Act and the National Energy Board with the Canadian Energy Regulator.

The Impact Assessment Act would see the creation of an Impact Assessment Agency to carry out the review of all major projects such as mines, pipelines and hydro dams in Canada. In addition to assessing environmental impacts, the Agency will also examine the health, social and economic impacts of major projects, and the effect on Indigenous persons over the long-term.

The Agency will be have a maximum of 300 days to review projects, and will allow greater participation from members of the public to participate in the process by eliminating the current ‘standing test’.

The National Energy Board will be replaced with the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER). The new CER will provide regulatory functions for pipelines, and the traffic, tolls and tariffs relating to the transmission of oil and gas through pipelines.

A total of $1.01 billion over five years has been committed to support the work of the Impact Assessment Agency and CER.

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