Cambodian Delegates’ Victoria Study Tour

A delegation from the National League of Local Councils of Cambodia (NLC) is taking part in a study tour this week at the UBCM office in Victoria. UBCM participates in the Partners for Municipal Innovation Program (through FCM International) and is currently working with the national local government association in Cambodia.

The study tour (technical mission) will include presentations, discussions, and working sessions with participants from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Local Government Leadership Academy (LGLA), and BC Assessment Authority. UBCM Executive representatives – President Wendy Booth, Councillor Arjun Singh, and Mayor Sharon Gaetz – are also participating in the sessions. Various UBCM senior staff members are involved throughout the week to support the mission objectives and activities.

Objectives of the mission include increasing both UBCM’s and NLC’s understanding of their counterparts, and developing an action plan that will support the NLC moving forward with the implementation of its advocacy strategy. A key output of the study tour will be a final project plan of cooperation between UBCM and NLC, and the documentation of key actions with a timeframe to implement activities in the 2018-2019 work plan.

UBCM entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with regard to the current program that was endorsed by the UBCM Executive in 2017. In June 2017, President Booth and Executive Director Gary MacIsaac participated in an inaugural mission in Cambodia with FCM and the NLC. In January 2018, Councillor Singh, Mayor Gaetz, and Gary MacIsaac participated in a mission to Cambodia that focused on a number of subjects including the role of women in local government in Cambodia.

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