Budgeting for Increases to RCMP Compensation

RCMP member unionization will likely lead to an increase in policing costs for communities that utilize RCMP policing services. Local governments must also be cognisant that RCMP member pay has been frozen for nearly two years, and plan accordingly with regards to the retroactive financial impacts.

While the RCMP is still working through the process of certifying a bargaining agent, the most recent pay package for its members expired on January 1, 2017. Due in part to the unionization process, the timeline for a new pay package is unknown. The RCMP has advised local governments to carry over any budget savings for when a new pay package and/or contract is finalized.

The RCMP has estimated an annual member pay increase of 2.5%, which would mean a retroactive financial impact of approximately $3,600 per member for the 2018 calendar year. Rates and provisions of a new pay package could potentially increase the retroactive pay impact beyond RCMP estimates.

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