Best Practices for Resolutions

Local governments are urged to submit resolutions for consideration at upcoming Area Association annual meetings. Submitting resolutions to Area Associations prior to UBCM results in better quality resolutions. Deadlines for each annual meeting are fast approaching. Please contact your Area Association for procedures to submit resolutions.

A council or board must endorse a resolution in order it to be submitted to an Area Association. Resolutions endorsed at Area Association annual meetings are transferred automatically to UBCM for consideration and do not need to be re-submitted by the sponsor. 

Staff and elected officials are strongly encouraged to follow the writing guidelines for resolutions set out by UBCM. A clear, concise resolution is easier to understand, and increases the likelihood that the membership will support it. Clear resolutions will also prompt more direct responses from the provincial or federal government, or relevant organization. If you have questions, please contact Reiko Tagami, Resolutions & Policy Analyst, at (604) 270 8226, ext. 115.

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