Windshield Repair Resolution Implemented

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is altering its windshield repair program in a manner consistent with endorsed UBCM resolution 2015-B43. Beginning this spring, purchasers of ICBC’s Optional Comprehensive Coverage will receive free chipped windshield repairs, as long as it is considered safe to do so.

In September 2015, UBCM’s membership endorsed resolution B43, requesting that ICBC provide financial assistance for drivers in need of windshield rock chip repairs. The resolution was brought forward by the City of Quesnel, located in the Interior, where windshield rock chips have been quite common during the winter months.

ICBC believes this change will help reduce costs, and subsequently insurance rates, as windshield repairs costs less money than replacements. Furthermore, improvements in technology and the materials being used mean that replaced windshields are now able to last much longer than in the past. This new program will be included as part of ICBC’s optional comprehensive coverage for private passenger vehicles, as well as certain light commercial vehicles weighing under 8,800 kg. A similar service was previously offered by ICBC, prior to being discontinued in 2001.

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