Weaver Sets Out Goals

Andrew Weaver’s ‘small but mighty’ Green Party is advocating for a change in how leadership functions in B.C. and for stronger provincial partnerships with local governments.

In his address at Convention Wednesday, Weaver outlined three objectives he would strive to achieve: economic security; sustainable use of natural resources; and ensuring that equality becomes a fundamental value of government.

Dr. Weaver reminded delegates that he first committed the Green Party to no longer accept corporate and union donations in his speech at UBCM’s 2016 Convention. “Leadership means leading by example and the B.C. Greens commit to doing just that,” he said.

The B.C. Green Party Leader acknowledged that the minority government would have to work with all parties and affirmed its potential to become far more than the sum of its parts if parties choose to work together.  He also committed the Greens to working with the government to develop a childcare system that is fair and affordable.   

Weaver touched on a broad range of subjects, including the need for leadership as we enter into a new era of climate change, technological disruption and lack of housing affordability. 

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