UBCM Focused on Cannabis Legalization, Housing

President Murry Krause launched the business of the 2017 UBCM Convention with an address to delegates on Wednesday. 

Krause praised the commitment shown by the provincial government to participate fully in the 2017 Convention. With the entire Cabinet available for meetings throughout week, Krause welcomed the depth of engagement by the government and committed UBCM to working with the province on a range of issues, including a Provincial – UBCM Standing Committee on cannabis legalization announced by Minister Farnworth earlier this week.

Krause reminded delegates that UBCM is advocating that the Province match federal contribution limits in the next phase of infrastructure funding and include local government in program design. Krause also referenced the work underway by a new UBCM committee on housing affordability. “After many years of hearing so much about the need to increase supply, we think it is time for a careful look at the question of demand. Given the present income level and population growth in the Metro region, we need to better understand the drivers for the current level of demand.”

The Prince George Councillor also referenced the Policy Paper on responsible conduct of local government elected officials that will be brought before delegates on Thursday. Krause also praised local government leaders across the province who provided leadership through the 2017 wildfires.

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