UBCM Election Platform Outreach

UBCM is pleased to convey our 2017 Provincial Election Platform to our membership. The platform centres on five overarching themes: finance, infrastructure, protective service costs, climate action and housing. As candidates prepare for the campaign, UBCM Executive and staff have been meeting with Members of the Legislative Assembly and staff to share our platform.

UBCM President Murry Krause has met with Premier Clark, NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver. President Krause was joined by UBCM Executive February 22-23 for meetings with over 30 MLAs including Ministers Morris, Bond, Bernier, Anton, Yamamoto, Barnett, Thomson, and Polak. UBCM staff have also met with party staff and elected officials involved in developing the platforms for the respective campaigns.

“The platform balances recommendations aimed at strengthening local government along with those that build our communities,’ said Councillor Krause. “We have ideas to strengthen local government finance and contain costs for taxpayers. We also recognize the need to diversify the housing supply, renew aging infrastructure and support the efforts of communities to adapt to climate change. These are issues that matter to many voters, and we look forward to working with the next government to tackle these issues.”

Throughout the campaign UBCM will be tracking the platform commitments of all parties that impact local government and will provide updates to the membership through the Compass.

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