Status of Asset Management in BC

In May 2016, UBCM launched the Phase 1 Asset Management Assessment Form - Baseline Survey, and collected asset management data from all 189 local governments in BC. A report describing the cumulative data is now available: The Status of Asset Management in British Columbia: Results from the 2016 Gas Tax Fund Asset Management Baseline Survey [PDF - 543 KB]

Results from the survey are the first of their kind in BC and demonstrate there is a growing awareness of the importance of asset management to support the long-term delivery of local government services.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • Over half of local governments have, or are in the process of having developed formal asset management processes.
  • Approximately three-quarters of local governments reported that elected officials and local government staff understand the need for and benefits of asset management.
  • On average, potable water, wastewater, sports & recreation facilities, and other types of buildings & facilities were reported as in good condition.
  • On average, roads & bridges and storm water assets were reported as in fair condition.

Visit the Renewed Gas Tax Agreement Asset Management webpage for more information.

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