Seismic Safety Council Seeks Representative

UBCM is seeking a local government staff representative, who possesses a high level of knowledge related to seismic safety and emergency preparedness, to join the British Columbia Seismic Safety Council (SSC).

The BC SSC consists of professionals in emergency management, academia, scientific research, private industry, and other disciplines. Members have been brought together to recommend goals and priorities for province-wide strategies that address the seismic threat through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities. The BC SSC reports to the Inter-agency Emergency Preparedness Council and the Federal Coordination Group on the progress of its activities.

Chaired by Emergency Management BC and Natural Resources Canada, the BC SSC meets quarterly or at the co-chairs’ discretion. Members are requested to participate in-person or via teleconference. In accordance with UBCM policy, staff members will not be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

Interested individuals are asked to contact Bhar Sihota, UBCM Policy Analyst, by May 26, 2017. The UBCM Executive will make the BC SSC appointment at an upcoming meeting.

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