Responsible Conduct Report Released

The Executive of the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) has approved a Policy Paper on Responsible Conduct of Local Government Elected Officials to be presented at the 2017 Convention for member consideration.  The Working Group on Responsible Conduct (WGRC) developed the report that forms the basis of the Policy Paper.

At the 2016 Union of B.C. Municipalities Convention, a resolution related to responsible conduct (specifically, integrity officers) was referred for further study. As a result, staff from UBCM, the Local Government Management Association (LGMA), and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing formed the WGRC.

The WGRC has undertaken extensive research and policy work that has focused on gaining a more complete understanding of the issue, and of the benefits and challenges of various approaches to enhancing responsible conduct to support the collective goal of a more effective local government system.

In March 2017, the WGRC published a Consultation Paper directed to UBCM and LGMA members. The paper was used by UBCM and LGMA as a basis for engagement with their respective members throughout Spring 2017. Presentations on the topic of responsible conduct were delivered at Area Association Conventions throughout April and May; in addition, a survey was used to seek input from UBCM members. A similar process was undertaken by LGMA with its members. Presentations were delivered to Chapter meetings and its Annual General Meeting and LGMA used a similar survey to collect feedback from its members on topics related to responsible conduct. The survey responses from both organizations are available on UBCM’s website.

Copies of the Policy Paper will be distributed to all local governments in mid-August as part of the general mail out for the 2017 Convention.

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