RCMP to Implement Tiered Auxiliary Constable Model

The RCMP Senior Executive Committee has chosen to implement a tiered Auxiliary Constable Program model, consistent with the results of the October 2016 UBCM membership survey. The tiered model will allow Auxiliary Constables to participate in activities based on their experience, training and local community’s needs.

The results of UBCM’s membership survey showed that 46/51 local government respondents (90%) favoured the tiered program, largely because of the flexibility this option provides to municipalities to meet their individual needs. This decision will also impact the January 2016 amendments to the Auxiliary Constable Program (ACP) that ended firearms familiarization training and ride-alongs, among other things. UBCM’s members recently endorsed resolution 2016-B3, seeking a reversal of these amendments.

In order to have the new ACP available by this upcoming summer, the RCMP has endeavoured to complete the following tasks:

  • Update the policy related to Auxiliary Constables;
  • Finalize the training standards for each tier;
  • Develop the required uniform;
  • Determine the minimum amount of insurance needed for volunteers; and,
  • Communicate financial implications to partners.

In addition to requesting the RCMP move to a tiered model, UBCM’s submission sought greater consultation and engagement with the RCMP regarding the ACP. UBCM will continue to seek opportunities to provide input as this policy is developed and finalized.

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