Rail Safety Improvement Program Funding

Last year, the Minister of Transport Canada announced the Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP), an investment of more than $55 million over a period of 3 years to improve rail safety across Canada.  ‎The program provides federal funding, in the form of grants and contributions, to improve rail safety and reduce injuries and fatalities related to rail transportation.

The RSIP builds on Transport Canada’s Grade Crossing Improvement Program (GCIP), Grade Crossing Closure Program (GCCP), and the Operation Lifesaver Program with increased overall funding, an expanded list of eligible recipients and a broader scope of projects that could be funded to enhance rail safety.

There are two key components under the new Program:

  • Infrastructure, Technology and Research; and
  • Education and Awareness

A call for proposals is currently open for projects to be considered for funding in fiscal year 2018-2019, and local governments are eligible recipients.  The deadline to apply for RSIP funding under the Infrastructure, Technology and Research component is August 1, 2017. The application deadline for projects under the Education and Awareness component is September 30, 2017. Additionally, it is important to note that road authorities are required to consult with the railway company prior to submitting an application if there are railway elements involved in the project.

Although Transport Canada is providing funding assistance for safety improvements to existing rail lines, closures of grade crossings, and initiatives to raise awareness about rail safety issues across Canada, it is the railway companies and road authorities who are ultimately responsible for the maintenance and safety of grade crossings, and for ensuring that crossings are compliant with any applicable regulatory requirements.

For further information and details on the application process, visit the Rail Safety Improvement Program ‎website.  For those wishing to make an application please review the applicant guide.

Please note that all GCIP or GCCP applications submitted prior to September 1, 2015, must be submitted again under the new RSIP program with updated project information.

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