Province Seeks Input on Proposed Liquor Policy

The Province of British Columbia is seeking input regarding the distribution of profits resulting from Special Event Permits (SEPs) issued by the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.  Local governments are invited to provide feedback toward the Province’s proposed policy by September 15, 2017.

Under the previous regulatory framework, if the holder of a SEP charged over the liquor cost recovery price list, all profits made from the event were required to be transferred to a charitable purpose. As of April 6, 2017 the amended Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation authorizes the General Manager to exempt permit holders from this requirement if they charge over the liquor cost recovery price list. Due to the election period, an exemption policy and criteria have yet to be determined. The General Manager currently considers each exemption request as a unique submission, basing decisions on policy guidelines used in Ontario.

The Province is proposing a new policy that will exempt holders of SEPs from donating event profits to charity when they charge over the liquor cost recovery price list, provided that the events in question are of municipal, provincial, national or international significance. It is proposed that for an event to be deemed municipally significant, documentation be provided in the form of a municipal resolution or letter from a delegated official designating the event as “municipally significant.”

Local governments are asked to indicate if they support this new policy, and/or if they have any concerns. Feedback may be sent to with the heading, “SEP Policy Consult” prior to end of day on September 15, 2017. Any questions or concerns may be directed to Josh Huska, Project Lead, at (250) 952-5794.

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