New Intake for Federal Gas Tax Fund

Local governments are invited to prepare applications for the next round of Federal Gas Tax funding delivered through the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF). All local governments outside of Metro Vancouver are eligible to apply to this program. The SPF provides up to 100% funding for eligible capital and capacity building projects.

Local governments will have close to three months to prepare their applications. The Program Guidelines including a facsimile of the application form are now available. Over the next month, UBCM will notify local governments when the new Program Information Management System (PIMS) is opened to receive applications. All applications must be submitted through PIMS. The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2017.

The objective of this round is to fully commit the remaining funding available for the Strategic Priorities Fund under the current Administrative Agreement. Full commitment of remaining funding is conditional upon quality of applications received. It is anticipated that a minimum of $180 million be available to eligible local governments, making it the largest single intake for the Federal Gas Tax Fund in BC. All local governments are encouraged to apply to this SPF intake.

Through a decision of the Management Committee, the SPF will provide at a maximum $6 million per funded project. Project applications over $6 million remain eligible provided that additional costs are confirmed through other funding sources. Each eligible applicant may submit up to two capital applications and one capacity building application.

If you have questions with regard to Program Guidelines or the application form, please e-mail Gas Tax Program Services or phone 250-356-5134.

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