Health Canada Consultation on Cannabis Regulation

Health Canada has released a consultation paper on the proposed approach to non-medical cannabis regulation. This follows the April 2017 introduction of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act. Stakeholders, including local governments, are encouraged to provide feedback to the consultation paper by January 20, 2018.

The consultation paper seeks feedback on the areas of responsibility assigned to the federal government (as outlined in the proposed Cannabis Act). These responsibilities include:

  • Licensing of federal producers;
  • Security requirements for producers and production facilities;
  • Cannabis tracking system;
  • Product standards;
  • Labelling and packaging standards;
  • Cannabis for medical purposes; and,
  • Health products and cosmetics containing cannabis.

Local governments may provide feedback by completing an online questionnaire, sending a written submission to Health Canada

Following the conclusion of the 60-day consultation period, Health Canada will publish a summary report of its findings, as well as information regarding any changes made to its regulatory proposal.

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