Doctor Recruitment and Retention Portal

The Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee has launched, a new family doctor recruitment and retention website. This website is designed as a one-stop portal to help make it easier for doctors to join BC communities. UBCM is a participating partner on the Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee. has two parts: the first is aimed at family doctors, residents, and students within BC and around the world. It provides access to information about building a career in BC communities, including how to apply to medical schools and residency programs; licensing and immigration procedures; lifestyle options across the province, and how to find the right job practicing family medicine.

The other part of the site contains tools and information designed to support regional Divisions of Family Practice and current BC family doctors with their recruitment and retention activities.

A representative from the Steering Committee will be presenting on the new portal and other recent initiatives relating to physician recruitment and retention as part of the upcoming Electoral Area Directors Forum.

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