Connecting Cultural Workers with Vacant Spaces

An online tool is helping to connect creative and cultural renters with vacant spaces. With BC touting the highest percentage of working artists in the country, thousands of arts and culture workers are seeking of adaptive, affordable space options.

SpaceFinder BC in a not for profit website that allows renters to search spaces by over fifty types of criteria, including use, rate and location. Searching and posting listings are unlimited, and free

SpaceFinder BC success stories include yoga studios rented for special events, local businesses leading second lives as film shoot locations, and empty meeting rooms being rediscovered for creative sessions and organizational retreats.  As BC Outreach Coordinator Rhiannon Herbert notes, "we're not a competitor in the market, we are an ally of those already in it." Traffic on the site is growing rapidly, with hundreds of new visitors on the site each month. The Metro-Vancouver region is well covered with over 260 spaces and the directory is now poised to flourish in other regions.

SpaceFinder was recently represented in the City of Kelowna's Creative Space summit, and presented at the 2017 Heritage BC conference this May. Their next stop is in Nanaimo, this September. To learn more about SpaceFinder BC or if you are interested in booking a presentation in your community please email for further information.

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