Changes to Provincial Private Moorage Program

UBCM has received notification from the Province that as a result of amendments to the Private Moorage Program, more residential docks will be eligible to be authorized under a “General Permission” rather than an application-driven Crown land tenure.

Effective January 17, 2017, the revised policy will expand the applicability of the private moorage General Permission, which was introduced in 2008, and previously only applied to certain types of freshwater docks.  The new policy now provides for moderately-sized docks, and docks located in marine waters to be eligible for General Permission, subject to meeting all required conditions, including local government requirements. 

A dock owner must comply with a set of specific conditions that are designed to avoid environmental impacts and interference with the public and other stakeholders, as well as provide a high level of certainty that the dock will satisfy provincial and federal legislation.

It is important to note that all other rules and regulations, provincial and federal, will continue to apply to all docks whether covered under a General Permission or not.  Details about the amended policy can be found on the provincial website.

Any questions on the amended policy can be directed to FrontCounter BC.

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