Canada-EU CETA Entering Provisional Application

The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will come into effect on September 21, 2017, under “provisional application”.  Provisional application means that the majority of the agreement will be in effect as of that date, including obligations that apply to municipalities, such as government procurement.  CETA will be fully ratified once all member states complete their internal approval processes.  To date, four member states have ratified (Denmark, Latvia, Croatia, and Spain). 

Canada’s trade agreements, like CETA, include provisions that apply to local governments including regulation (e.g. zoning and environmental regulation), government procurement, financial assistance, and public-private partnerships.  The federal government has prepared a guide for Canadian local governments, in cooperation with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, which has been recently updated to include CETA. 

Further details can be found in Canada’s Guide and the CETA.

Issues and questions can be sent to James Hammond, Assistant Deputy Minister, International Strategy, or to

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