Bilateral Talks for Next Phase of Infrastructure Plan

Earlier today the Hon. Amarjeet Sohi released details regarding the Government of Canada’s approach to negotiations for the second phase of its infrastructure plan. These negotiations will lead to the design of programs in British Columbia that will provide $2.69 billion for public transit; $1.11 billion for green infrastructure; $157 million for culture and recreational infrastructure; and $166 million for rural and northern communities.

Canada will provide up to 40% cost sharing for local government projects funded through these programs, and will require provinces and territories to cost share these projects at a minimum of 33.3%. Minister Sohi’s letter to Premier-designate John Horgan, along with an annex outlining areas of investment and other details related to federal requirements, are provided on the Infrastructure Canada website.

“The funding commitments made by the Government of Canada in its 2017 Budget have the potential to transform communities in British Columbia,” said Union of BC Municipalities President Murry Krause. “These new investments provide an excellent opportunity for Premier-designate John Horgan and the NDP government to renew critical infrastructure and create jobs through provincial cost sharing. I will be reaching out to Mr. Horgan and the appropriate Minister responsible for the negotiations to offer UBCM’s support for ‘made in BC’ designs for these programs.”

It is expected that the negotiation process for the bilateral agreements will be complete by March 2018 at the latest.

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