Asbestos Consultation Underway

Asbestos is the number-one killer of workers in B.C. and the rate of asbestos-related disease is on the rise. The B.C. government is leading a working group to consult and examine what additional actions can be taken to ensure that British Columbians and the environment are adequately protected from the dangers of asbestos. The working group is seeking feedback, formal or informal, from local governments and other affected parties.

The working group is currently soliciting information from stakeholders and the general public on the issues people face with respect to the safe use, handling, abatement, and disposal of asbestos.  

Feedback is also being requested on the regulations and enforcement that currently exist, such as WorkSafeBC’s regulatory provisions, the BC Building Code, and local government bylaws. This engagement was announced on November 6th and will be continuing over the next few weeks.

For further information on this public engagement please contact John Blakely at the Ministry of Labour at 1-250-356-9987.

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