Additional Funding for Wildfire Risk Reduction

The Forest Enhancement Society of BC will be providing funding for the Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative to jointly fund some operational fuel treatments. Starting in April 2017, eligible applicants may apply through SWPI to access joint funding from the Forest Enhancement Society of BC. 

To be eligible for joint funding, projects must be on provincial Crown land and the applicant must commit to tendering the project. 

Funding permitting, joint funding for operational fuel treatments will be available:

  1. To allow applicants to access funding in excess of the annual SWPI funding maximums;
  2. For operationally logical treatments with areas inside the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and outside of the WUI;
  3. For unincorporated areas within regional districts that cannot be treated due to fiscal constraints related to service area requirements and the required 10% community contribution.

For more information, refer to the updated 2017 Operational Fuel Treatment Program & Application Guide or contact UBCM at 250 356-2947.

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