A Call to Protect the Most Vulnerable

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Rich Coleman, addressed the UBCM membership with a message urging leadership from all levels of government to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Mr. Coleman acknowledged the importance of UBCM leaders crediting a shared passion for leadership and public life, despite its challenges.

Coleman encouraged local government leaders that stand up to “nimbyism” to ensure that supportive housing and addictions treatment facilities are built. He also said that the province currently spends $2.8 billion annually to support those with mental health and addictions issues. 

The Opposition Leader referenced the need for the Province to support interior communities with significant dollars to rebuild so that “they know we care about them.” He also stated that the people that fought the fires should be honoured, thanked and remembered.

Coleman said that the Liberal party will not ask taxpayers to provide campaign funding for its candidates and that he did does not support proportional representation. 

Speaking to to the challenges inherent in public life, Coleman told delegates "When you get into politics, you have to know that eventually it ends badly for you.”

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