2017 Provincial Election Platform Commitments

UBCM has been monitoring party platforms and announcements throughout the 2017 provincial election campaign and have developed a comparison chart based on the five planks in our election platform. We have also identifiedsome additional commitments that address UBCM resolutions or broadly impact the membership.

In advance of the May 9th election, UBCM reached out to the main political parties to share its key platform priorities. UBCM’s platform, Our Communities: Building BC’s Foundation, centered on five overarching themes: housing, infrastructure, finance, protective service costs, and climate action.

As part of this outreach, UBCM President Murry Krause met with Premier Clark, NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver. During the February 22-23 Executive meeting, the UBCM Executive met with over 30 MLAs including Ministers Morris, Bond, Bernier, Anton, Yamamoto, Barnett, Thomson, and Polak. UBCM staff also met with party staff and elected officials involved in developing the platforms for the respective campaigns.

UBCM has reviewed the commitments made in party platforms as they relate to our platform priorities and issues of significance to local governments. Throughout the platforms, there is a noted desire to work with, and partner, with local governments in addressing key issues impacting communities.

For example, the Liberals have highlighted the need to increase housing supply by working with municipalities to speed up permitting. In partnership with communities, the NDP will create a capital fund to upgrade and build sports facilities, playgrounds, arts and culture spaces, local community seniors’ centres and mental health and addictions centres.  The BC Green Party will support local governments’ greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives by investing $80 million over 4 years in green transportation infrastructure, climate adaptation measures, and building efficiency initiatives.

A table comparing the platform commitments to UBCM’s election priorities is now available on our 2017 Provincial Election webpage.

Each of the three main parties has also made other commitments that relate to local government issues:

BC NDP Party

  • Reduce ferry fares on small routes by 15%, freeze fares on major routes, and return the 100% seniors’ weekday discount
  • Increase support for mental health and addictions
  • Implement $10 dollar a day childcare
  • Work to keep more logs in BC for processing

BC Liberal Party

  • Cap bridge tolls at $500 annually for commuters
  • Add to the Rural Dividend and high speed connectivity
  • Introduce a new tax credit for BC Ferries users in ferry dependent communities
  • New investments in youth mental health

BC Green Party

  • Allocate $80 to early intervention, youth mental health initiatives, supervised injections sites, and community-based centres for mental health and rehabilitation.
  • New legislation to enhance the protection of agricultural land, and
 to increase the proportion of ALR land in use for agricultural purposes.
  • Bring BC Ferries back into government as a Crown Corporation
  • Ensure the regulatory environment promotes adoption of green technologies and practices.

The General Voting day for the Provincial General Election is May 9.

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