UBCM Concerns Heard on Fire Services

A policy proposal to extend responsibility for mandatory fire inspections to regional districts is no longer under consideration based on recent discussions with the Office of the Fire Commissioner. Discussion of this change in policy direction can be found in a December 21, 2015 letter from the OFC to Peace River RD.

Local governments will recall that at the 2015 UBCM Convention, members endorsed resolution A3 Provincial Responsibility for Fire Services Act and Regulations from Squamish Lillooet RD which called on the Province to provide the “resources necessary to inspect and enforce provincial safety regulations, including the Fire Services Act and its regulations through either the Office of the Fire Commissioner or the BC Safety Authority rather than pursuing options to download the responsibility for inspections and enforcement of provincial regulations on local governments.”

UBCM President Al Richmond, who also serves as UBCM’s representative to the fire services working group expressed his support for the change in policy direction and thanked the membership for their advocacy efforts on this file.

Amendments to the Fire Services Act are expected in the spring sitting of the Legislature.

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