Throne Speech Emphasizes Economic Diversification

On February 9th, the Honourable Judith Guichon opened the current Parliament of the Province of British Columbia by delivering a Throne Speech that highlighted the continuing work of the Government to strengthen the economy amidst global economic uncertainty.

The Speech highlighted the progress on meeting the targets set out in the BC Jobs Plan, increased financial support for the Agricultural Land Commission, and pilot work with local governments and industry to encourage and support Buy Local, Grow Local. 

A commitment was also made to work with the federal government on renewing the softwood lumber agreement, securing the Transpacific Partnership Agreement.

Citing an interest in providing British Columbians with “a better opportunity to enter the housing market”, the Speech committed the government to working with local governments to reduce hidden costs in home purchases.  UBCM will be seeking to further clarify the Government’s intentions with regards to reducing housing costs.

The Speech also included a commitment to provide additional measures to support both at-risk children and social workers, work with the federal government to secure more RCMP resources and officers, and introduce legislation to modernize community care and assisted living.

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