Sudden Passing of Councillor Chernoff

City of Castlegar Councillor Kevin Chernoff passed away suddenly on May 24. He was 55 years old. Mr. Chernoff was first elected to Council in 2005 and over his career served on every City committee.

Mr. Chernoff was the owner of Trowlex Rentals and Sales, an industrial equipment business that had been previously run by his father. Mayor Lawrence Chernoff expressed the Council’s shock and dismay at Mr. Chernoff’s passing. “Kevin has long been a valuable member of our Council and our community. He gave generously of his time and of his company’s resources in supporting initiatives that have helped the City move forward in so many ways,” said the Mayor.

Mr. Chernoff is survived by his wife Trish, daughter Megan, mother Vera, brother Harold, and sister Shelly. A memorial service was held for Mr. Chernoff on May 27.

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