Special Occasion Liquor Licence Changes

As part of the June 23, 2016 Liquor Policy Working Group Meeting, members discussed potential Special Occasion Licence policy changes that would permit business to obtain licences and reduce red tape for non-profit organizations. The Province is inviting local governments to provide feedback by July 15, 2016 on a short discussion paper outlining potential changes and policy options.

Specifically, these potential changes would permit businesses to obtain Special Occasion Licences (SOLs) to raise money for charity, and remove the regulation that requires non-profit organizations to apply for SOLs. Interested parties may submit feedback to lclb.lclb@gov.bc.ca. Questions or concerns may be directed to Josh Huska, project lead, at (250) 952-5794.

The impetus for these changes comes from the Liquor Policy Review Final Report (recommendations #48 and #49). With 42 of the 73 recommendations in the Report already implemented, the Province is aiming to implement the majority of the remaining recommendations by early 2017.

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