7th Chief Elected Officials Forum – Seeking Alignment: Mid-term Check-in

Save the date! The Local Government Leadership Academy’s 7th Chief Elected Officials Forum will be held December 6-7 in Metro Vancouver. 

The Chief Elected Official’s (CEO) role is critical to ensuring governance and organizational effectiveness. Failure to achieve strategic, role or behavioural alignment leads to diminished internal and external confidence. At the midway point of your term, take time to share ideas and learn techniques with your colleagues to enhance political and administrative success.

A recent CEO survey indicated the following topics would be timely:

  • Facilitating CAO Performance Feedback – appraisal tools & techniques
  • Aligning the Political/Administrative Interface - role clarity & shared expectations
  • Conducting Council Check-ins – enhanced governance and political leadership
  • Engaging the Public – effective messaging and consultation 

This unique dialogue is for Mayors, Chiefs and Chairpersons only. The most valuable resource in the room is your peers as we explore models, tools and strategies to deal with ‘real life’ leadership challenges you are facing.

Of particular interest at previous CEO Forums has been the CEO’s role to facilitate an effective appraisal process. We will develop criteria and guidelines to share with Councils and Boards throughout BC – incorporating CAO input.

The session will be guided by Gordon McIntosh, who has 36 years of executive, consultant and educator experience and has conducted 1,200 sessions involving 130,000 elected and appointed civic leaders throughout Canada and overseas.

Contact: Eydie Fraser for more information. 

Registration will be $385+GST and will open in fall 2016 – please stay tuned for details.

Venue is still being determined, but will be in the Metro Vancouver area.

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