Revised Local Government Act Now in Force

On January 1st, 2016, the revised Local Government Act (Act) came into force.  The revised Act supports effective local government administration by making the Act more readable and easy to use.  While the Act now looks different in terms of organization and numbering, revision does not change the legal meaning of the Act.

The reorganization will be of particular interest to regional districts.  Before the revision, rules governing regional districts were spread throughout nine unrelated parts, and related regional district provisions could be hundreds of sections apart.  The revised Act now has specific parts for regional district rules and those parts are organized in a more readable manner.

To help with transition to the revised Act, Tables of Concordance are now available.  Tables of Concordance allow users to locate sections by cross-referencing specific sections in the previous Local Government Act with their location in the new revised Act.

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has received questions about “in process” bylaws (e.g. bylaws that went through first reading in 2015 and are now awaiting second reading in 2016).  Such bylaws can continue onto their next reading, but best practice is to update Local Government Act references for future readings so that they reflect the current numbering in Local Government Act RS2015.   Updated references will improve the readability of the bylaw without affecting its legal validity.  

A print version of the revised Act is now available to purchase from Queen’s Printer.  In addition, advisory materials and answers to frequently asked questions are available on the Ministry’s website

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