Representatives Sought for Climate Action Working Groups

UBCM is seeking local government representatives to participate in three new climate action working groups to be established under the Joint Provincial-UBCM Green Communities Committee (GCC).   The three working groups will provide advice to the GCC on practical actions and strategies that local governments can take in land-use, adaptation, and green infrastructure and services.

In 2007, the Province of British Columbia and UBCM established the GCC pursuant to the British Columbia Climate Action Charter.  The purpose of the GCC is to support local government in taking action on climate change and to further define the potential range of climate change actions and strategies that may be undertaken by local governments.

To assist in carrying out this mandate and in support of the recently released Climate Leadership Plan’s objective to refresh actions under the Charter, the GCC plans to establish three Working Groups.  The three working groups are:

  1. Green Infrastructure and Services Working Group
  2.  Adaptation Working Group
  3.  Low Carbon Land Use Working Group.

The purpose of the working groups will be to provide advice to the GCC on practical actions and strategies that local governments can take to:

  • Accelerate land use form that is more compact, complete, and connected which results in significant GHG reductions and other co-benefits;
  • Enhance green infrastructure and services; and
  • Adapt to climate change.

The working groups are intended to be relatively small, and will be comprised of local government staff with expertise and/or experience in the topic area of each specific working group.   Provincial staff, and external resource persons, may also attend to support discussions.

The Groups will be co-chaired by staff from UBCM and the Province.  Meetings will be facilitated, and agendas and materials will be circulated in advance of meetings.  Meetings will generally be held via conference call/webinar with one in-person meeting planned for late January.  In total, there are five meetings planned from late January to March 2017.

The proposed timeline and format of meetings is as follows:

Working Group Meeting Schedule




Whole Group

Wednesday, January 25, 1-2:30pm


Friday, January 27, 9am-3:30pm

Face-to-Face in TBD

Low Carbon Land Use

Wednesdays, 10am-12pm

February 8

March 1

March 8



Green Infrastructure and Services

Thursdays, 10am-12pm

February 9

March 2

March 9


Adaptation to Climate Change

Fridays, 10am-12pm

February 10

March 3

March 10



Interested parties can submit an expression of interest by email to Jared Wright, Director of Advocacy & Government Relations by December 22nd.   Expressions of interest should specify:

  • which working group you would like to participate on;
  • reason(s) for your interest; and
  • relevant skills, knowledge and experience that will support working group discussions.

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