RCMP Five Year Review Update

Since August 2015, UBCM has worked with the Province to solicit local government feedback regarding the Five Year Review of the RCMP Police Services Agreements. Since UBCM submitted a final report to the Province on February 15, 2016, the National Contract Management Committee has reviewed the issues raised by the Provinces and Territories and accepted ten predominant issues, which encompass those issues identified by the BC local governments.

As the Five Year Review’s focus is to address matters that concern multiple national jurisdictions, not all issues brought forward by BC local governments will be included in the review. Regardless, the Province has committed to address all local government issues either through the Five Year Review or at the provincial level.

Of the issues that do qualify for review, the Province has outlined the next steps in the national review process. These next steps, which include further review, discussion, decision and action phases, are to be completed within one year, as per the terms of the RCMP Contract.

BC local government feedback is organized into ten broad themes, all of which were accepted for review by the national committee. Provincial representatives, commenting on the list, have noted that one of the most important local government concerns to address will be effective consultation. The national staff working group (comprised of representatives from provincial and territorial governments) will be meeting in September to scope out the issues, analyze information and come up with potential options to address the issues accepted by the CMC for the 5 Year Review, including BC local government issues.

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