RCMP Contract Management Committee Seeks Input

The RCMP Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC) will meet March 29, 2016 to discuss items brought forward as part of the Five Year Review as part of its agenda. Local governments may suggest additional discussion items related to the RCMP contract by contacting Bhar Sihota, UBCM Policy Analyst prior to March 18.

The LGCMC is a forum for consultation, analysis and communication between local government and the Province regarding the management of the agreement under which the RCMP provides local police services in BC. Biannual in-person meetings present an opportunity for members to analyze and respond to changes that may be proposed by the federal government and/or RCMP, and recommend changes to the federal government and/or RCMP that may be considered necessary or appropriate.

The LGCMC is comprised of nine local government representatives from throughout the Province, appointed for two or three year terms by UBCM’s Executive, as well as a representative of UBCM’s Executive and the provincial Assistant Deputy Minister, Policing and Security Programs Branch. Representatives of the RCMP are invited to attend Committee meetings as required.

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