Provincial Review of Auxiliary Constable Program

Following a national review of the Auxiliary Constable Program (ACP), the Province is requesting information from local governments regarding the future of the ACP in BC. Eight questions have been provided for local governments to consider prior to the May 10, 2016 deadline for feedback.

The RCMP has initiated a review of the national ACP after the fatal shooting of an unarmed, uniformed member of the Canadian Forces in October 2014.  Shortly after this incident, RCMP National HQ issued a directive requiring Auxiliary Constables working in uniform to be under the direct supervision of a Regular Member equipped with all intervention tools.

On January 11, 2016, after consultations with internal partners on a revised policy, the RCMP’s Senior Executive Committee approved the following recommendations:

  • Ride-alongs and firearms familiarization training would be discontinued (while firearms familiarization training was not offered in BC, ride-alongs were cancelled effective January 21, 2016);
  • A National Activity Matrix would be created;
  • The National Policy would be updated; and,
  • Uniform options would be reviewed.

In light of the ongoing RCMP review of the program at the national level, the Province would like to take the opportunity to engage municipalities and receive information about their concerns and thoughts regarding the future of the ACP in BC.  It is requested that local governments consider the questions and provide feedback by the May 10 deadline.  Feedback, questions or concerns may be directed to Linette Logie, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

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