Province Seeks Input for National Housing Strategy

The Government of B.C. will host a session on the National Housing Strategy at the UBCM Convention in Victoria, September 27th, 2016.  At this session, the Government of Canada will also provide an overview of their work on the National Housing Strategy to date.  The information gathered at this interactive session will help inform the Government of B.C. and will result in a formal submission to the federal government and the National Housing Strategy consultation.

The Government of Canada is working with provinces and territories to develop a new National Housing Strategy. The National Housing Strategy will focus on meeting the housing needs of all Canadians, and improving the lives of those in greatest need.

The BC submission to the National Housing Strategy will be based on input from industry stakeholders, housing providers, local governments, UBCM and also Housing Matters BC, the provincial strategy directing new affordable housing investments.

Housing Matters BC builds on seven years of best practices and establishes three priorities to guide future investments and projects:

  • Take meaningful steps to improve safety, enhance affordability and promote healthy homes and communities.
  • Create greater housing stability in a manner that increases confidence for renters, landlords and strata owners.
  • Develop partnerships in a manner that creates more choices and increases affordable housing options for all British Columbians.

On September 13th and 14th, the Government of BC hosted a session on the National Housing Strategy with a broad range of industry stakeholders, housing providers and local government staff.

The input from this UBCM session will assist the Government of B.C. in preparing their submission to the National Housing Strategy and the Government of Canada.

UBCM will also prepare a submission to for the National Housing Strategy. Local governments that wish to make their own submission or find out more may do so through the Government of Canada consultation website.

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