Province Considers Police Funding Review

UBCM President Al Richmond has written to Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris regarding the issue of equitable funding between municipal and provincial policing jurisdictions in British Columbia.

Previously, Minister Morris advised UBCM that the Province had heard, through discussions at the 2015 UBCM Convention, that several smaller local governments wished to look at obtaining the same ability to add police resources as municipalities over 5,000 in population. The Minister expressed interest in engaging UBCM on “ways in which unincorporated areas and municipalities with a population under 5,000 could alternatively be funded.”

President Richmond has requested clarification from the Minister as to the impetus for the proposed provincial review of the current police funding model. President Richmond also explained UBCM’s policy towards police resources as one where changes to the funding formula or alternative funding schemes are not necessarily sought. Instead, UBCM’s membership has consistently requested that the Province increase its contribution of human and financial resources, including the number of provincially funded officers.

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