Policing Mentorship for Growing Municipalities

The Town of Creston is offering to mentor local governments who may become responsible for their own police services in the near future.

The BC Police Act requires a municipality to assume responsibility for its police services when its census population surpasses 4,999 residents. In 2016, this leaves a number of BC municipalities on the cusp of transitioning from paying the rural Police Tax, to paying 70% of the RCMP cost-base. The Town of Creston, having made the transition in 2011, is offering to share its experiences as a “growing” community taking on this large financial commitment.

At a meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Justice during the 2015 UBCM Convention, Mayor Ron Toyota discussed support for “growing” municipalities that were preparing for new police responsibilities. The Province suggested that it had improved its process of engaging “growing” municipalities, while also encouraging Mayor Toyota to first raise the issue with the Local Government Contract Management Committee.

Subsequent to Committee discussion, this engagement opportunity is available to all “growing” municipalities. Interested local governments may contact Mayor Ron Toyota, Town of Creston, tel: (250) 428-2214 ext. 227.

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