Plan & Prep: Ship-source Oil Spills in Southern BC

Transport Canada is initiating an Area Response Planning Initiative pilot project in Southern BC to identify ways of strengthening the existing preparedness and response regime for ship-source oil spills. The goal is to design the regime to adapt to changing demands and practices, and allow flexibility for regional differences and risk levels.

This project seeks to develop two critical elements: an Area Risk Assessment Methodology to help identify levels of risks, and Area Response Plans tailored to each pilot area.

The BC pilot project area is from the entrance of the Juan de Fuca Strait on the west side of Vancouver Island to halfway up Texada Island in the Strait of Georgia. Local governments who would be affected by a spill in this area are invited to attend a Transport Canada consultation, between May 24 and June 22. Transport Canada indicates that it has already extended invitations to local governments from the pilot area. If your local government is in the pilot area but has not received an invitation, please contact Erik Kidd, Regional Manager – Environmental Response Program, Marine Safety and Security Pacific Region, Transport Canada.

Funds may be available from Transport Canada to assist staff and elected officials from municipalities with populations under 10,000 to attend the consultations.

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