New Guidelines on Public Health for Major Events

Drawing on input from a survey posted in the January 27 Compass, the Health Protection Branch at the Ministry of Health has now released a report entitled Public Health Guidelines: Major Planned Events.

Feedback obtained from the survey helped to shape a set of guidelines designed to assist event organizers in planning for public health concerns and reducing incidents associated with major planned events. It also provides advice about obtaining any necessary approvals from the local regional health authority.  The guidelines are focused around a series of fact sheets, addressing:

  • Drinking water,
  • Safe food,
  • Sanitation,
  • Solid and Liquid Waste Management, and
  • Harm Reduction

The Public Health Guidelines: Major Planned Events were created to supplement the Emergency Management BC document Major Planned Events Guidelines. As such, these reports have been posted alongside each other on the Government of B.C. website under Keeping BC Healthy and Safe and Emergency Preparedness.

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