New Fire Safety Act Introduced

On February 15th, Bill 4, the new Fire Safety Act was introduced with the goal of modernizing the regulatory framework for fire safety in BC. The new Act will result in the repeal of the Fire Services Act.

Key elements of the new Fire Safety Act include:

  • Enable local authorities to appoint fire safety personnel to carry out fire inspections, investigations and evacuations;
  • Move to a risk-based compliance monitoring system in an effort to improve conformance;
  • Establish an administrative enforcement model to address non-compliance issues in a more timely and effective manner; and,
  • Shift to a risk-based system for compliance monitoring in municipalities.

 In regard to this last element, as a result of extensive advocacy work on the part of UBCM and its members, only municipalities, not regional districts, will be required to undertake compliance monitoring.  This news was previously reported in the January 20th issue of Compass.

With the introduction of the Act, work continues on accompanying regulations; development of standards and policies; as well as education and communication materials to assist in understanding the implications of the new Act.

UBCM will continue to be engaged as the Province moves forward with the development of these materials and resources.  Further details on the new Fire Safety Act can be found here.

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