Local Government Feedback on RCMP Contract

As part of the 5 Year Review of the RCMP contract, UBCM has collected feedback in order to best represent local government interests to the provincial and federal governments. UBCM’s February 2016 submission [PDF - 558 KB] addresses not just the RCMP contract, but also general issues and concerns with policing in British Columbia.

As per article 22 of the Provincial Police Service Agreement (PPSA), Canada and the Provinces and Territories are provided with a Five Year Review mechanism to analyze and address substantive issues arising out of the implementation of the PPSA. Article 21.1 of the MPUA dictates that amendments resulting from the review will be applicable to, and binding on, the Municipal Police Unit Agreement.

Additionally, the Local Government Contract Management Committee has made the following requests to the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General:

  • That the Ministry review all the issues and concerns brought forward by local governments, and examine adequate language that could cover these concerns within an appropriate article in the RCMP contract;
  • That the Province raise these issues with other provinces and territories prior to the formal meeting of Assistant Deputy Ministers, in order to gauge whether local governments in other parts of the country face similar challenges; and,
  • That the Province provide its perspective, regarding the issues and concerns brought forward by BC local governments, to UBCM.

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