Input Sought on Solid Waste Management

The Ministry of Environment is seeking comments on the draft Guide to Solid Waste Management Planning (Guide).  When finalized, the Guide will replace the 1994 version and will provide guidance on solid waste management planning.

The draft Guide incorporates stakeholder feedback on an intentions paper that was released for consultation in fall 2015.  The new Guide has been updated to:

  • acknowledge changes to the municipal solid waste sector and the roles played by private sector and industry product stewards;
  • provide templates and appendices to assist local government planning;
  • incorporate the service plan target for waste disposal; and
  • emphasize best practices in consultation.

The draft Guide, as well as the Intentions Paper Summary of Public Comments report, is available on the Ministry's municipal waste management plans website

Please provide any comments to the Ministry of Environment by June 30, 2016.  Comments may be submitted by mail, email or fax to:

Guide to Solid Waste Management Planning
PO Box 28159 Westshore RPO Victoria BC V9B 6K8
Fax: 250 592-0628

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