Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s “Calls to Action” urge all levels of government to provide skills-based intercultural competency training to public servants. UBCM’s First Nations Relations Committee has been working with the Provincial Health Services Authority since February 2015 to offer their San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Training to BC elected officials and local government staff. Registration is now open for training beginning October 3rd.

The San’yas ICS training is a unique, facilitated online training program designed to increase knowledge, enhance self-awareness, and strengthen the skills of those who work both directly and indirectly with Aboriginal people. The goal of the training is to further develop individual competencies and promote positive partnerships. Skilled facilitators guide and support each participant through dynamic and interactive learning modules. Participants will learn about terminology; diversity; aspects of colonial history such as Indian residential schools and Indian Hospitals; timeline of historical events; and contexts for understanding social disparities and inequities. Through interactive activities, participants examine culture, stereotyping, and the consequences and legacies of colonization. Participants will also be introduced to tools for developing more effective communication and relationship building skills.

The online program is designed for participants to work through the five to six hours of training at their own pace, over the six weeks that the group is open. The registration fee is $250. Interested elected officials and local government staff are asked to email Angela Turner for additional registration details.

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