Highlights of the July 13-15 Executive Meeting

The UBCM Executive met July 13-15 for Committee and Executive meetings. The July meeting agenda addressed a number of year-end matters, including adoption of the work plan for 2016-2017 and reviewed 178 resolutions submitted for consideration at the 2016 Convention. Executive members also met with the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, the Honourable Peter Fassbender.

Highlights of the July 15th Executive meeting include:

  • Received a report on the Presidents activities and actions since this last meeting in April.
  • Received a report on UBCM’s “Advocacy Days” held in conjunction with the April Executive meeting.
  • Received a report on provincial legislation introduced this session of interest to local governments.
  • Received a report from the 2016 Nominating Committee advising that the nominations process for Executive positions was underway and the appointment of Chief and Deputy Chief Scrutineer had been completed.
  • Received reports on the annual review of MOU and Agreements; Financial Statements for the month and year ending May 31, 2016; annual statutory compliance report; a year end status report of the 2015-2016 annual work program and received the proposed work plan for 2016-2017.
  • Approved the Preliminary Budget for 2016-2017.
  • Received a status report on UBCM’s legal assistance fund
  • Approved the annual allocation of $5,000 to the Board of Examiners in support of the Jeff McKelvey scholarship fund.
  • Received a report on the FCM Travel Fund; discussed eligibility criteria, how the fund is administered and possible amendments to the criteria for accessing the Fund.
  • Approved tentative dates for 2016-2017 Executive meetings, subject to approval by the incoming Executive in September.
  • Discussed a report that outlined options for moving to two-year terms for some of UBCM’s Executive. After extensive discussion regarding which positions, staggering and potential scenarios for implementation, the Executive decided to retain the status quo of annual elections for all elected positions.
  • Received a report in response to the referral to Executive of resolution 2015-B120 Divestment of Fossil Fuel Related Investments in the Municipal Pension Plan. Executive reviewed and approved the distribution of a Primer on Fossil Fuel Divestment to the membership to fulfill the direction of the resolution as proposed by the membership.
  • Received an update on UBCM’s activities in FCM’s international programs, including recent missions to Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.
  • Received a report on provincial policy and legislation including Bill 4-Fire Safety Act; Bill 17-Local Elections Campaign Financing (Election Expense) Amendment Act and Bill 21-Environmental Management Amendment Act.
  • Received a status report regarding the provincial responses to resolutions endorsed at the 2015 UBCM Convention. The provincial responses have been posted to the UBCM website and distributed to individual sponsors of resolutions. Executive members agreed to receive, in September 2016, a completed assessment and recommendations for prioritization and further action.
  • Received a report on federal infrastructure investment Phase 2 Consultation and approved UBCM’s submission relating to the Guiding Principles for infrastructure investment.
  • Received a request for membership from the Hagensborg Improvement District; Executive determined that the improvement district did not meet the requirements for membership.
  • Received an update on work underway to develop a policy paper for the 2016 Convention regarding housing affordability and local government cost charges.
  • Received confirmation that Mayor Wayne Baldwin, White Rock as the Metro / GVRD appointment to the UBCM Executive for the 2016-2017 Executive term.
  • Received a report outlining the regulatory changes made to the Conflict of Interest framework in response to the Schlenker v. Torgrimson BC Court of Appeal decision.
  • Received a status and action report on a variety of policy areas that continue to be monitored by UBCM including: 9-1-1 Call Answer Levy; DNA costs; National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and girl; implementation of new Off Road Vehicle Act; Natural Resource Roads Act project; problem vessels; BC Ferries; assessment appeals on special use properties; farm assessment; The Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act; Care Home Sprinkler Safety; Municipal and Regional District Tax; Agri-tourism in the ALR; Emergency Program Act review; federal additions to reserve; federal Comprehensive Land Claims Policy; assessment of medical marijuana grow operations; mental health and policing; and licensing of commercial dog and cat breeders.
  • Received the financial report for the period ending May 31, 2016.
  • Received reports on the status of Local Government Program Services (funding programs) and a status report on the federal Gas Tax Program.
  • Received correspondence from Minister Bond on the status of Syrian Refugee settlement plans; Minister Bernier on advocacy days; Minister Fassbender on new conflict of interest regulations and to seek feedback on Uber, AirBNB and Lyft; Municipal Pension Plan on group benefit changes; and Alberta Association of Municipal Association Districts and Counties on Energy East Pipeline.
  • Received a report on staff activities since the April meeting.
  • Received a delegation from the Honourable Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development where the following matters were discussed: federal infrastructure update, Fire Services Act, ride sourcing update (Uber), communications protocols, alternate electoral area directors and climate leadership update.

Highlights of the July 13-14th Committee meetings include:


The Committee received reports on member services and group benefits; financial statements; staffing; Community Excellence Awards program; UBCM – Metro video proposal; Richmond office lease renewal; member visits and approved undertaking a number of actions in response to feedback from the 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey.

Direction was provided in regard to the development of a provincial election advocacy strategy; amendments to the UBCM reserve funds; and a streamlined process for referring UBCM endorsed resolutions to FCM. Referred resolution 2015-B116 Fire Insurance for Rural Homeowners was not endorsed noting that the request was out of the Municipal Insurance Association’s scope of authority.  A renewed protocol agreement with the BC School Trustees Association was approved and direction was provided to sign the agreement at the 2016 Convention.

Delegations were received from received from KPMG, UBCM’s auditors who discussed the Audit Findings Report. The financial statements for year-end were also reviewed along with the 2016-2017 preliminary budget.  A second delegation was received the Municipal Pension Plan Trustees; members also discussed appointments to the MPP Board of Trustees and received an update on the work of the Municipal Pension Plan Partners.


The Resolutions Committee provided comments and recommendations on 178 member resolutions received by the June 30 deadline. The Executive discussed the Committee’s report, and approved comments and recommendations on the resolutions for consideration at the 2016 Convention. These resolutions will now be published in the 2016 Annual Report and Resolutions Book. UBCM will mail a hard copy of the Annual Report and Resolutions Book to each local government elected official and CAO, in late August. The Resolutions Book will also be posted to the UBCM website at that time.

Director Wendy Booth, Chair of the Resolutions Committee, advised that the Committee had also discussed the following matters:

  • Orientation and training regarding the Conference Rules and Procedures for Handling Resolutions, conducted by the Convention parliamentarian;
  • Ways to streamline and provide greater procedural clarity for UBCM members attending resolutions debate at Convention.


The Committee provided an update on Convention programming details, presented the 2016 clinic and workshop recommendations, and reviewed catering and room allocations. The Convention’s sponsorship was also discussed along with the location for the 2017 Welcome Reception.

Community Safety

The Community Safety Committee reviewed and discussed follow-up action for Resolution B122, Payday Loan Regulations. Also presented was a report regarding recent and pending medical and recreational marijuana policy changes, including a discussion paper released by the federal Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation. Members received an update on policing-related activities, including a report dedicated to RCMP labour relations changes and the status of Bill C-7. A review of a provincial consultant’s report on policing in Nelson was received, as well as a report providing an overview of collective bargaining for protective services.

The Committee also received reports regarding provincial liquor policy reform; the Emergency Program Act Review, including details around local government feedback; and, the Committee’s activities for the 2015/16 year. Several pieces of correspondence regarding policing, liquor and advocacy were received.

Healthy Communities Committee

The Healthy Communities Committee endorsed staff participation in the “There is a Better Way Project” that is intended to start the process of developing a social policy framework to guide service integration for the Province. The Committee also endorsed staff participation in the “Raising the Profile” project that focuses on promoting and bringing together community based seniors’ services and programs. Members discussed potential local government input on the Federal Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation, and received correspondence regarding Regional Hospital Districts and a call for a poverty reduction plan.

Community Economic Development Committee

The Community Economic Development Committee received an update on the  presentations undertaken to share the findings in the Forest Policy Decision-Making: The Case for Greater Community Consultation and Engagement report and discussed next steps including plans to hold a Monday pre-conference session on the report at the 2016 Convention.  Members endorsed the Committee’s report for inclusion in the 2016 Annual Report; received an update on the Rural Dividend program; received information on the new Forest Innovation Fund and FCM’s submission to the CRTC on basic broadband services.

Committee members also received three delegations.  Jeremy Higgs, Labour Market Innovation from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training (MJTST) discussed how BC’s demographic information is employed to assess labour market / workforce needs and projections throughout the province by region and sector.  A second delegation with MJTST staff from the economic development division addressed the results of the local economic development survey undertaken by the Province, UBCM and BC Economic Development Association.  And finally, a third delegation was received from representatives of the Coast Forest Association to discuss member feedback to the forestry survey.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee received two delegations: one from representatives of the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council and Community Energy Association highlighting their organizations’ activities and roles, and a second from Ministry of Environment staff to discuss the Province’s ongoing development of a land based spill preparedness and response regime. Members also reviewed the recently released Identification of Contaminated Sites discussion paper and discussed its potential implications for local government liability and resourcing. The Committee also received and discussed a report on the potential for ‘refreshing’ the Climate Action Charter. Information was received on Transport Canada’s consultations on Area Response Planning for spills, and the BC Brownfield Strategy 2.0. The Committee also received correspondence from the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, responding to four previously endorsed resolutions.

First Nations

The First Nations Relations Committee’s discussions began with consideration of federal policy issues. This included updates on the Additions to Reserve (ATR) policy review, Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act, Comprehensive Land Claims Process (CLCP), and Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Pre-inquiry Engagement Process. Minister Bennett has stated that the scope and structure of the inquiry will be announced shortly. The Committee also received reports regarding reconciliation projects, an upcoming UBCM convention pre-conference session titled “Understanding the Village”, and the Committee’s activities for the 2015/16 year.

The Committee reviewed and discussed planning for the Provincial Community to Community Forum, and considered correspondence related to First Nation participation in UBCM. Several other pieces of correspondence and information items were received.

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