Healthy Families BC Communities Report

Healthy Families BC Communities (HFBC-C) is a key initiative of the Province’s health promotion strategy focused on improving community wellness through promotion of physical activity, healthy eating, and healthy built environments among other elements. HFBC-C has released an Evaluation Report, summarizing work done between April 2014 and March 2015.

The report is available on the Provincial Health Services Authority webpage.  Highlights include a summary of progress in the number of communities implementing Healthy Living Strategic Plans, an overview of local government partnerships with health authorities, and several examples of local collaborative efforts to promote public health.

UBCM is a member of the HFBC-C Evaluation Advisory Team, and has been active in bringing forward the local government perspective in the development and implementation of HFBC-C.  Further information in the HFBC-C initiative including links to HFBC tools is available at the HFBC webpage.

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