Greens will ban big money

New BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver declared his party would no longer accept corporate or union donations, choosing to lead by example to begin to rebuild the public’s trust in political parties.

“If ever there was a time to be bold it is now,” said Weaver, invoking JFK’s “we choose to go to the moon” speech. He said that the Greens would do this, and advance other policy solutions heading towards the 2017 election, “not because it is easy, but rather because it is hard, and because it is right.”

A former Canada Research Chair in climate science, Weaver became a politician to answer one question: “Do we, the present generation, owe anything to future generations in terms of the environment we leave behind.”

He called down the sitting government’s “fiscally reckless” and “fictional” LNG industry agenda, insisting that policy should flow from evidence, instead of the current “decision-based evidence-making.”

BC’s desirability, skilled workforce and unparalleled access to renewable resources of wood, water and energy should be the foundation of our 21st century economy, he said.

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